"In my 20 years of practice,  Dr. Matthew Stanfield is one of the finest physicans I have had the privilage of working with.  He is a teacher to both patients and staff as well as a tireless worker.  He is honest and well respected by both peers and patients.  He is very skilled both as a surgeon as well as a diagnostician.  Matt always had a genuine concern for his patients"
- Chief Dr. E. F. Williams, M.D.

Dr. Matthew Stanfield is a renowned Neurosurgeon specializing the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the spinal cord, brain, and nerves in the body.  The treatment may be surgical or non-surgical, determined by the best means to managing the specific problem.   Spending considerable time educating the patient, thorough testing, and advising on what's best for each specific patient are all standard procedures for Dr. Stanfield.

"The vast majority of my patients who come to see me do not need surgery.  What benefits most patients is good information such as learning why we hurt, how our body changes, how we can treat problems most effectively, and what we can do to prevent problems in the future.  That can be more helpful to my patients than any surgical intervention"  - Dr. Matthew Stanfield.

However, when surgical intervention is the answer, you are in excellent hands.  Dr. Stanfield routinely performs the most sophisticated spinal procedures for the treatment of disc problems, stenosis, tumors, fractures, deformity, and instability.  He is highly trained in minimally invasive techniques including microsurgical and endovascular options, such as decompression lumbar laminectomy; microdisectomy and dozens of other specialized procedures ranging from brain tumors to carpal tunnel surgery. 

His new state of the art facility is located directly across from Deaconess Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He regularly performs surgeries at Deaconess Hospital, Summit Medical Center, and various major hospitals in Oklahoma City.  Dr. Stanfield has been featured on shows like The Discovery Channel's "Trauma: Life In The E.R." and The Learning Channel's "The Critical Hour".  He graduated medical school from Indiana University School of Medicine in 1999 as a Neurosurgeon, and completed his residency in Neurosurgery at the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center in 2005.