To request your medical records or if you have any questions you may either email us at [email protected] or fax your request to 812-271-1797. Please allow up to  7–10 business days. Any billing questions can be answered by Administrative Advantage at 405-292-5500.

After 13 years of private practice in Oklahoma City I am closing my practice as of March 15, 2019.  It has been an honor for me to have served the people of Oklahoma. I began life here in Oklahoma 19 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the comforts of this state and the company of its people ever since. It is vitally important to me to ensure your finding of another neurosurgeon who will have the same devotion to ethical and compassionate care that I have always strived to deliver. I am happy to recommend a neurosurgeon for you, or you may pick a neurosurgeon of your choosing to continue your care. Once you have choosen a new neurosurgeon you can fill out the authorization form above and fax it to us at 812-271-1797. Once we have received your authorization form, we will forward a copy of your records to the physician(s) you select. Please check this website for further updates on how to obtain your records in the future. 

Thank you for having entrusted me with a part of your life. It has been my please and honor to have served you. I wish you the utmost wellness and happiness. 

Kindest regards,

Matthew Stanfield


Dr. Matthew Stanfield    

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