Welcome to Our Practice

I have built my practice and assembled a neurosurgical team with a primary focus on service. Providing good service to patients begins with spending the time necessary to explain each patient's condition and, just as important, to explain ALL the options available. Most people who come to see me do not need surgery, they just need good information and conservative treatments. In the busy and rushed atmosphere often seen in medicine these days, many surgical consultations fail to provide the time needed for patients to fully understand their conditions.  A great deal of time is necessary to fully understand all the surgical and non-surgical treatment options which are available. 

Rushing medical decisions is unacceptable, and surgery should always be considered a last resort. However, surgeries done for the right reason, and done the right way can be extremely effective treatments for relieving pain. Indeed, if you have a nail in your foot, the best treatment is not always pain medications or shots. Sometimes solutions are available that always trump management.  I believe in giving the same recommendations and the same professional service to my patients that I would demand for my own family members. 

On behalf of all our staff, we welcome you to our practice and look forward to helping you get back to living the life you deserve. 

Dr. Matthew Stanfield    

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