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Hello! My name is Matthew Stanfield and I am honored to have the opportunity to serve you. I appreciate the trust that’s been placed in me and in my team to see you for your neurosurgical consultation. My goal is to provide you with the best service possible, and to earn your continued trust as we move forward. It is my job to evaluate your concerns thoroughly, to use knowledge learned from medical school, extensive training and on-the-job experience to guide you in making decisions about your health. I truly believe I help more patients with information than I do with surgical interventions. If, however, your problem is best treated with surgical intervention, then it is also my goal and responsibility to help with that treatment plan in the most careful, thorough, and effective manner possible. It is my promise to you to provide you with the same recommendations and service I would give and expect for my own family in the same situation. Proper neurosurgical evaluation takes time, as do proper explanations and treatment planning. No two patients are alike, and each evaluation takes a different amount of time. We do things differently in my practice. You will see an approach of thoroughness and explanation I believe to be unsurpassed by any other surgeon. I believe if it takes all day long to make the right decision about your body, it is worth it. With this in mind, please allow for a minimum of 2 full hours for your visit. No matter how long it takes for the patients before you to finish, you will still receive a very thorough appointment. If you value most a prompt and limited visit with your doctor and/or his/her team, you will likely be better served elsewhere. If, however, thoroughness of evaluation, explanation and of overall service are your most valued principles concerning your health, then you will be very happy with our team. We recommend you bring a book or another time-passing device.

I am very honored, proud and blessed to be working with Bobby Green, who is an excellent Physician Assistant. He is thorough, honest and listens carefully. Indeed a physician assistant who listens carefully can be far more effective in helping patients than a physician who does not. We execute a two stage process of evaluation with most patients. This process provides an initial visit with Bobby, and second with myself. This process will provide you with a more thorough evaluation. The first visit will be much more useful than you might expect, and it allows for maximizing the usefulness of our time spent together. Bobby knows well when a problem needs a fast pace of evaluation and treatment, and I can summarize his abilities best by telling you, without reservation, that I would trust him with my own children.

                   Sincerely, Dr. Matthew Stanfield                                                           


When you come for your first appointment with us PLEASE BRING DATA. The more information you bring to every visit with us, the more thorough we can be in your evaluation. Get copies of every MRI, CT (aka CAT scan) and x-rays ever taken and bring them with you to EVERY appointment. Bring copies of actual pictures whenever possible, not just reports. If applicable, bring operative reports, clinic visit documents, and hospital discharge summaries. Bring both old and newer data. For some of you this may take some time, but the more effort you put into this the more complete your evaluation can be.

You should bring the following: 

1.  New patient forms (filled out)-These can be mailed to you or you can print them out from home by clicking the link.

2.  Insurance card(s) and government issued ID (Drivers License or ID card) 

3.  Copys of old and recent CT Scan, x-ray,or MRI  (disk or film). Please bring all imaging with you to every appointment. This is essential for our review and to allow for timely medical care.  Your referring physician, or the imaging facility, may have attempted to send the images but, in our experience, this is often difficult to accomplish. It is always best to call the facility where your imaging was done and have them prepare it ahead of time so it will be ready to pick up when you are. Bringing a copy with you to your appointment guarantees it will be available for us to review and allow us to provide you with a thorough evaluation.

4.  List of your current medications including dosage.

Please make sure that you arrive on time at your scheduled appointment so that we can process your necessary paperwork and insurance information.There will be a few additional forms to read and fill out at the time of check in.  If you have any questions about completing the forms or assitance with locating your imaging or health records please feel free to call us at 405-949-1800.



In order to view or print these forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Click here to download it.