Surgical Instructions



                                                   Summit Medical Center                                                                    Integris Deaconess 


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Two weeks before your surgery

Pre-Op work up must be done two weeks before your surgery. This will include blood work, possibly a chest xray and/or an EKG. 

If you are scheduled to have surgery at    *Alliance Health Deaconess they will call you to set up an appointment to get your pre op work up done.                                                                                                                                *Summit Medical Center you may have your pre op work up done there at your convenience. You do not                                                                need an appointment. The lab is open Monday Friday  5:30am-5:00pm.

*Make sure to take a complete list of your current medications with you to review with the pre op nurse. He/she will discuss which medications you should stop before your surgery. ADHD medications must be stopped 30 days prior to surgery and blood thinners (including but not limited to Aspirin) 7 days prior to surgery. If you are unsure which medications you should stop before surgery please ask. 

The Day of Your Surgery

Please arrive to the hospital two hours before your scheduled procedure.

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the evening before your surgery. You may take a sip of water for daily medications which have been approved to be taken on the day of surgery. 

Bring your medications and loose fitting clothing, which can easily fit over surgical dressings. 

Leave valuables at home.

Post Op Instructions

Please call the office to set up your post op appointment with Bobby Green, PA. Depending on your surgery your post op appointment will be between 2-4 weeks after your surgery and you may need x-rays. If you do not already have a post op appointment please call the office.